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Central Chandigarh

Central Chandigarh is the focal point of the state capital of Punjab and Hariyana, Chandigarh. The place is well-linked with the other parts of the city. As a matter of fact, Chandigarh is the first planned city of modern India. When the city was planned by an eminent European architect Le Corbusier, it was shaped like a fan. Later, the idea was materialized by several other architects and as a result of that planning, the Chandigarh central literally opens doors to all the other directions of the city. The place is full of rhythm of the regularity of life and people and serves as one of the prime business and tourist corners of the state. The city of Chandigarh is divided into several sectors and the prime sectors are located over here.

Chandigarh central enjoys the warmth of shopping and fiesta throughout the year. Some of the major shopping malls, cinema halls and business houses are located here. Plus all the buildings are located amidst lush green which have made the place a sheer mishmash of urban amenities and ultimate greenery. The Hariyana Secretariat, the Central Library, the central hall and the Glass Palace all have been working as a magnet for decades for the tourists. A wide range of material s like garments, gadgets and gift items are available here in this core of the heart. The area houses some of the biggest corporate offices of the city.

Central Chandigarh enjoys its proximity to the airport and the railway station. As a result, the business people and the tourists love to stay at this area of Chandigarh. As a consequence, many luxury as well as deluxe hotels has been built up in this area. The place is also full of restaurants and bars and snack bars to satisfy the taste buds and ignite their hidden desire while on a Chandigarh tour.