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Nightlife in Chandigarh

Chandigarh people are not that placid always. To the core of night, they grow wilder with their instincts winning over their protocol and decorum. In fact, Chandigarh Nightclubs know how to pull out the deepest desires from the deep down valley of mind. The nightlife at Chandigarh, so, is always vivacious and effervescent. If you have a knack for stay awake until the rock bottom of nighttime, the Chandigarh nightclubs, pubs and bars are only for you. Nocturnal mischief will surely influence your mindset at pick hours. You are most likely to find yourself dancing and shaking legs with hard beats of music, banging your head like anything and your gut feelings are going back to their primitive stage.

Tandavaya, Hotel Solitaire

Tandavaya is the in-house discotheque of Hotel Solitaire in Chandigarh. The nightclub of Chandigarh has many reasons to make you dance like anything. The well-stocked bar, the spacious dance floor all is open for nightlong fiesta. Chill out at this Chandigarh disco whenever you feel fatigued. Call +91-172-2735050 to enquire further.

Gymkhana Pub and Bar

Gymkhana Pub and Bar has been an eminent name in the arena of nightlife in Chandigarh. The bar serves as a restaurant cum bar in Chandigarh. Conveniently located, the place is an easy drive from the city center. Get charmed with the live rock bands and enjoy your favorite sip. Call +91-172-2705134 for further details.

Woodys Restaurant and Bar

Woodys Restaurant cum bar is the one of the best nightclubs in Chandigarh. They offer a wide range of exquisite North Indian and South Indian dishes. If food does not suffice you, the well-stocked adjoining bar will surely do that. Enjoy your ecstatic nightlife in Chandigarh as Woodys offer some real good brands for your drink. Call 09417301511 for more details.

Score Pub

Score Pub is a popular nightclub in Chandigarh. Unwind yourself with your favorite drink and try out the yummy dishes alongside. The resto-bar has some good cards under its sleeves. Call +91-0172-5000311/5000312/ 5000313/5000314 for ordering a seat ahead of time.

Blue Ice

Open till 11 pm, the place is good for the courteous people who just want to take their drink amidst calmness, forget all the anxieties and go home before night grows savage. The restaurant cum bar serves delicious Chinese, North Indian and Continental dishes. Call +91-0172-5017966 for further enquiry.

Sip ‘n’ Dine Restaurant

Sip ‘n’ Dine is conveniently located at the chief market area of Chandigarh. Enjoy chilled beer and wine at this pub, shake your legs and bang your head with the beats of the lie music. Call 172-2770959 for your queries.

Mercury the Lounge Pub and Restaurant

Mercury is a multi-cuisine restaurant that also has an adjoining bar and pub. It’s synonymous to the nightlife in Chandigarh. Call 172-5002932 for further details.

Lyon’s Pub and Restaurant

This is one of the non-smoking pubs and bars in Chandigarh and well-goes with the healthy characteristic of the city beautiful. Call +91-0172-2771105 to get more information about this exquisite nightlife in Chandigarh.