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Stadiums in Chandigarh

Chandigarh people are sporty enough. People of the City Beautiful know how to get the most out of games and sports. Apart from being a prime tourist spot of the country, Chandigarh also takes pride in giving birth to some of the all-time sports star s of the country. Chandigarh stadiums only emphasize this tradition. They are living emblems ogf the rich tradition of games and sports in the city. The stadiums in Chandigarh are signs of the folk’s interest in games and sports.

The reason for these stadiums becoming some of the top arenas of the country is probably the perfect amalgamation of people’s interest and government’s initiative. The government ventures have outspread the sporting spirit of the capital of Punjab and Hariyana. As a matter of fact, Chandigarh enjoys the primacy in the northern region of India as being the capital of two states together, Punjab and Hariyana and one of the Union Territories of India. Many sports clubs, health clubs, hostels are built up over the years that have accompanied well the stadiums in Chandigarh to foster sports in the regions. However, here is a quick list of the stadiums of Chandigarh if you are keen enough about the sports culture of the cit.

Cricket Stadiums in Chandigarh

If you are a blind fan of square drives and googlys, you are most likely not to be unaware of the famous Mohali stadium, one of the greatest stadiums in India. it is a world-class cricket venue located on the satellite part of the city of Chandigarh, the SAS Nagar. The stadium is owned by Punjab Cricket Association. The stadium has witnessed many unforgettable ODI and test matches and has been a prominence in international c4icket circuit. What remains unnoticed to many is the sector 16 cricket stadium which has been the incubator for many of the cricket maestros like Kapil Dev, Chetan Sharma and Yograj Singh. It is dilapidated from getting international matches but it did contribute a lot in the country’s cricket history.

Hockey Stadiums in Chandigarh

Hockey is unequivocally one of the most-popular sports in the region of Punjab and Hariyana. The Sector 42 international standard hockey stadium in Chandigarh will proudly tell you this story. The province has given many eminent hockey players in the past and continues to do so with the Chandigarh hockey stadium inspiring the young buds to reach the next milestone in their career. Near Tagore Theater in Sector 42, there is also another hockey stadium in Chandigarh.

Football Stadium in Chandigarh

Football is widely played in Chandigarh. The JCT team that plays the Indian National League is one of the famous brigades of the area. The Sector 17 football stadium, though not with a good many number of seats, serves to the interest of the local football-fans. The football stadium of Chandigarh organizes several local and state level tournaments.

Golf Club in Chandigarh

Golf is not the cup of tea for many but for the select few golf lovers of the city, Chandigarh has a decent arrangement. Built in 1960, the sector 6 golf club is one of the prime sports grounds in Chandigarh and dotted on the sports map of India very prominently. The Chandigarh Golf Open Championship is a celebrated event over here.

Lawn tennis Stadiums in Chandigarh

The Sector 10 lawn tennis stadium is one of the prime stadiums in Chandigarh. The Davis Cup semifinals have been played at this venue. There are other renowned Chandigarh tennis courts in Lake Club, Punjab University and Chandigarh Club.