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Flights from-to Chandigarh

Flights from/to Chandigarh

Chandigarh Airport is a domestic one. There is no international air-route linked with this airport. However, the Chandigarh airport plays a great role in the city’s travel and tourism as the flights from/to Chandigarh connects the City Beautiful with other parts of the country. It’s true that all the major cities are not connected with Chandigarh by direct flights, but you can split up your journey and reach the capital of Punjab and Hariyana pretty easily. The city is connected with some of the major cities of India. If you quick check the list of flight from/to Chandigarh then the picture will be pretty clear for you.

Flights from Chandigarh to major metros

Flights to Delhi

Three airlines including the Indian Giant Air India connects the country capital with this Union Territory. The other two airlines are Kingfisher Airlines (5 flights on a regular basis) and Jet Airways (3 flights regularly)

Flights to Mumbai

Jet Airways, Kingfisher Red, Air India and GoBusiness offer regular direct flights to Chandigarh from Mumbai. Of all these airlines, Kingfisher Red offers the maximum number of flights (10 flights everyday) to Chandigarh on a regular basis.

Flights to Chennai

Jet Airways, Kingfisher Red and Air India are the giant airlines who offer regular flights to Chennai from Chandigarh. These airlines, in fact, proffer several flights from/to Chandigarh.

Flights to Kolkata

Kingfisher Red, Jet Airways Konnect and Air India have quite a few flights from Kolkata to Chandigarh in their sleeves. Of these, Kingfisher offers 2 flights everyday and Jet Air ways offers 3 flights daily.

Flights to Bangalore

Flights to Bangalore from Chandigarh are offered by Air India Airlines, Jet Airways Konnect and Kingfisher Red.

Flights to Chandigarh from major metros

Flights from/to Chandigarh make a crisscross all over the map of India. Flights to Chandigarh from all the major metros of the country have established this fact.

Flights from Delhi

Air India flights fly to Chandigarh non-stop from Delhi Indira Gandhi Airport. Jet Airways also offers regular flights to Chandigarh from Delhi. GoAir Business has also kept in mind the interest of the business people intending to reach Chandigarh therefore has come out with several direct flights.

Flights from Mumbai

Flights from Mumbai to Chandigarh are presented by Jet Airways Konnect, GoAir Business and GoAir. These all are non-stop flights in nature.

Flights from Chennai

All the flights from Chennai to Chandigarh are through either Mumbai or New Delhi airport. There are no direct flights from Chennai to Chandigarh. JetAirways Konnect offers via Delhi flights to Chandigarh. Air India also takes a great role here. The Chandigarh bound flights stop either at New Delhi or Mumbai before flying high again.

Flights from Kolkata

Flights from Kolkata to Chandigarh are offered by Jet Airways Konnect and Kingfisher Class Airlines. These flights are on a regular basis.

Flights from Bangalore

Flights from Bangalore, the ITpolis, are offered by Air India, JetAirways Connect and Jet Airways. These flights are on a daily basis.