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Trains to Chandigarh

Indian railway has been an insignia of travel and tourism in India for years. The railways of India are like the veins and arteries of the country. Jaipur as a Union territory has not been deprived of these means of communication and transportation and the city tourism has been greatly helped by India’s largest network, Indian Railways. Trains to Chandigarh, therefore, carry millions of travelers everyday from all parts of the country. Let’s take a brief look at the timings of trains to Chandigarh.

Trains to Chandigarh from Delhi

  • The capital of India is very close to Chandigarh and well-connected to the City Beautiful via railway.
  • Kalka Mail leaves Delhi at 5.15 pm and reaches Chandigarh at 8.37 pm.
  • Shatabdi Express leaves Delhi at 7.40 am and arrives at Chandigarh at 11.05 am.
  • Himalayan Queen Express leaves Delhi at 5.40 am and reaches Chandigarh at 10.27 am.
  • Jana Shatabdi Express leaves at 2.35 pm and reaches Chandigarh at 7.05 in the evening.
  • Paschim Express departs New Delhi at 11.15 am and arrives at 3.52 in the afternoon.

Trains to Chandigarh from Mumbai

There is only one train commuting between Chandigarh to Mumbai on a regular basis. Paschim Express leaves Borivelli station of Mumbai at 12.14 pm and reaches Chandigarh next day at 3.32 pm.
Dehradun Express

Trains to Chandigarh from Chennai

Chennai also does not have two many trains to Chandigarh. Dehradun Express leaves Chennai at 9.45 am and reaches Chandigarh at after two days.

Trains to Chandigarh from Kolkata

Business people, tourists and students also commute to Chandigarh from Kolkata thanks to Indian Railways. Howrah Delhi Kalka Mail leaves Kolkata at 7.40 pm and reaches Chandigarh one day after at 3.20 am.

Indirect Trains to Chandigarh from Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad does not have any direct reserved train to Chandigarh. What you have to do is take a train to Jodhpur Junction or Ambala Cantonment or Delhi and break your journey thereafter.

Indirect Trains to Chandigarh from Bangalore

There is no direct reserved train to Chandigarh from Bangalore. You have to break your journey from Chennai Central or Delhi.

Indirect Trains to Chandigarh from Guahati

Chandigarh is also deprived of direct reserved trains from the north-eastern city, Guahati. But Chandigarh can be reached via Lucknow, Ambala and New Delhi station.

Trains to Chandigarh from Ambala

Ambala is one of the satellite cities of Chandigarh and was once its competitor for being the capital of Punjab and Hariyana. Ambala lost that contest but now the city station takes a vital role in connecting the City Beautiful with the other parts of the country. There are several trains from Ambala to Chandigarh. Several trains pass through Ambala Cantonment to reach Chandigarh. Howrah Delhi Kalka Mail, Kalka Shatabdi Express, Toofan Express, Chandigarh Express, Barmer Kalka Express, Himalayan Queen Express all the reserved express and mail trains pass Ambala before reaching Chandigarh. Thus the Ambala station has helped in the promotion of tourism in Chandigarh. The trains that leave Ambala do not take much time to reach Chandigarh as they are neighboring citi4s. There are also some local trains that help passengers commute across the states and the city.