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Weather and climate in Chandigarh

Weather and climate in Chandigarh

Located in the North West of India, Chandigarh experiences a subtropical humid climate. A seasonal rhythm characterizes the weather and climate in Chandigarh. Chandigarh is characterized by hot summers, unreliable rainfall, mild winters and temperature variations.

During the spring season in Chandigarh, the climate in Chandigarh is very pleasant. It constitutes of the months of Mid February to mid March and mid September to mid October. The maximum temperature during this season is 16 °C to 25 °C while the minimum temperature being 9 °C to 18 °C.

In the autumn that is during mid March to April, the temperature can rise to 36 °C maximum whereas the minimum temperature might go down to13 °C. Temperatures during this period vary from 16° to 27°.

The summer season in Chandigarh makes the weather of Chandigarh very hot with maximum temperatures rising to 46.5 °C, sometimes. Temperatures during the summer months fluctuate in between 35 °C to 40 °C.

The month of June marks the monsoon for the city of Chandigarh which lasts till mid September. While the city receives moderate as well as heavy rainfall, yet the months of August and September may sometimes receive very heavy rainfall. The heavy rains are received by the city from the south while generally the rain in Chandigarh in the monsoons comes from the North West or North East. The average annual rainfall received by the city of Chandigarh is 1110.7mm while the highest rainfall received by the city in a day is 195.5 mm.

Winters in Chandigarh ranges from November to mid March. Generall the weather and climate of Chandigarh during the winters is pleasant with mild cold days, yet Chandigarh climate can get chilly at times as well. The maximum temperatures during the winter season in Chandigarh is in between 7 °C to 15 °C and the minimum temperature is -2 °C to 5 °C. Winter is often characterized by rain from the west staying for 2-3 days coupled with hail storms.

The best time to visit the city of Chandigarh is during the months of September to March which is the ideal time for long trips. The weather is very pleasant and comfortable. June to August is suitable for short trips.