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Restaurants in Chandigarh

Talking of restaurants in Chandigarh, the city of Chandigarh is dotted with numerous eateries and restaurants. The restaurants in Chandigarh will serve you with mouthwatering cuisines and will surely spoil you for choices. Chandigarh caters to the dining needs of all visiting the city.

Eating in Chandigarh is never a problem with plentiful of options available for you. You will be lured by the variety of Punjabi dishes like Makki di Roti, Punjabi Chhole, Sarson ka Saag, Dal Makhni, Lassi etc. Besides the traditional north Indian food, there are other several fast food joints, continental, Chinese and other multi cuisine restaurants in Chandigarh.

With a variety of food and diverse Chandigarh restaurants spread all across the city, your eating out in Chandigarh will surely be a memorable one.

Here are some of the different varieties of popular restaurants in Chandigarh.

Fast Food Centres in Chandigarh

  • Food Plaza (Sec-22)
  • Chow Choppe (Sec-34)
  • KFC (Madhya Marg, Sec-8)
  • McDonald's (Sec-35)
  • Smoking Joe Pizzas (Sec-35)
  • Domino's Pizza (Sec-17)
  • Pizza Hut (Sec-26, Phase-5, Mohali)
  • Ruby Tuesday (Fun Republic)
  • Tingu's (Sec-9)
  • Jam Pack (Sec-11)
  • Sugar Loaf (Sec-8)
  • Slice Of Italy (Sec-11)
  • Subway (Sec-17, 35)
  • Hot Millions (Sec-17)
  • Oven Fresh (Sec-35)
  • Chaplin Fast Food (Sec-16, Panchkula)

South Indian Restaurants in Chandigarh

  • Sagar Ratna (Sec-34,17)
  • Annapurna (Sec-11)
  • Sundaram (Sec-35)
  • Swagath (Sec-26)
  • Ratnam's (Sec-35)

Chinese Restaurants in Chandigarh

  • Fen Fang (Mani Majra)
  • Shangri-la (Sec-35)
  • Mandrain (Sec-17)
  • Yo! China (Sec-5, 9)
  • Black Lotus (Sec-17)
  • Chop Stick (Sec-22)
  • Hong Kong Restaurant (Sec-17)

Other Restaurants in Chandigarh

  • Ghazal (Sec-17)
  • Indian Coffee House (Sec-17)
  • Sugar Loaf (Sec-8)
  • Mehfil (Sec-17)
  • Maya Palace (Sec-35)
  • Metro-35 (Sec-35)
  • Sizzler (Sec-17)
  • Pallavi (Sec 5, Panchkula)
  • Mezbaan (Phase 4, Mohali)
  • Combo (P E C Market)
  • Blue Ice (Sector-17E)
  • Woodys Restaurant & Bar (Sector 7, Sector-11)
  • Gopal's (Sec-8, 35)
  • Verma Dosa Centre (Sector-22)
  • Rajesh Sweets & Restaurant (Sector-35d, Sector-35)
  • Score Pub (Sector-8c, Sector-8, )
  • Prima Sweets & Restaurant (Sector-10)
  • Kasauli Foods Mohali (Mohali Sas Nagar)
  • Mr Beans Restaurant (Sector-9d, Sector-9)
  • Jhullandur Hotel & Restaurant (Sector-22b, Sector-22)
  • Memorable Moments (Sector 483-484, Sector-35 C)
  • Rustles Restaurant (Sector-10)
  • Chef Lake View (Sector-17)
  • Shangrila Plus Restaurant (Sector 324, Sector-35B)
  • Lyons Restaurant (Sector-17e, Sector-17)
  • Novelty Restaurant (Sector-22d)
  • A B Hotel (Sector 6, Sector-26)
  • Connoisseur Restaurant (Sector B)
  • Haveli (Sector - 26, Madhy Marg)
  • Yangtse Restaurant (Sector 17)
  • Chandigarh Hotel (Sector 2459-60, Sector-22c, Sector-22)
  • Hot Millions Salad Bar & Restaurant (Sector 17 D)
  • Sip N Dine (Sector -7C)