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Shopping Guide in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is a well-planned city that offers excellent shopping experience to its travelers. The city provides several traditional as well as modern objects to its travelers. Being a modern and well-planned city, Chandigarh offers excellent option for shopping. These shopping complexes in Chandigarh have perfectly lined up malls, and ample parking space. Chandigarh is dotted with several shops that keep both local as well branded stuffs. The main market area caters to the needs of both the elite and average people.

Chandigarh has a number of handicraft emporia. The shopping centers in the city, keeps exclusive handicraft items congregated from various states of India. Phulkari works, jootis, parandis, durries, jewelries, toys, colorful dupattas, etc are some of the popular shopping items that one should look out while shopping in Chandigarh. With abundant shopping markets, swish arcades, posh crowd and fountains, shopping in Chandigarh are truly an enriching experience in Chandigarh.

The main shopping center in Chandigarh is based in Sector 17. The place is known for its typical mix of cuboids and open spaces. Apart from innumerable shops, government emporiums, eateries, coffee shops, the market is beautifully decorated with fountains, sculptures and groves of trees. Right from footwear items to traditional Indian clothing one can get excellent shopping guide in Chandigarh. One can shop from books to furniture’s, from electronic goods to excellent garments, from electronic goods to automobile related products while being in Chandigarh.

The local Shopping Centers which offer travelers excellent shopping Guide in Chandigarh:

Sector-35: Restaurants and hotels
Sector-22: Jewelry shops and Indian Snack shops, apart from a huge flea market
Sector 14, 17, 19 and 22: Book shops
Sector 7 and 34: Furniture shops
Sector 17, 22 and 9: Garments and shoes shops
Sector 28 and 21: Automobile center
Sector 17 and 22: Electronic goods shops
Sector 7, 18 and 22: Hardware items shops
Sector 19, 20 and 22: Vegetable and Fruit Stalls:
Sector 11, 16, 22: Medical Stores:

Below are the lists of some of the shopping malls in Chandigarh:

Glass Palace
Sco-43, Madhya Marg

TDI Mall
Sector-17, Chandigarh

The Central Mall
Phase-1, Industrial Area

The Other Square
Sector-17, Ferozi Building

City Emporium
Phase-1, Industrial Area


Fun Republic
Treasure Island