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Monuments in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is the first 'planned' city of India. The city has its own unique architectural style. Chandigarh is designed by the French architect Le Corbusier and the city is spread along an area of 56 square kilometers. Chandigarh is recognized as one of the best-planned city in India, where it is known world-wide for its architecture. Chandigarh is a well planned city and because of which the city is called “THE BEAUTIFUL CITY”.

Chandigarh is ideally positioned along the foothills of the Shivalik range of the Himalayas in Northwest India. Chandigarh is enclosed by dense Banyan and Eucalyptus cultivated area. Asoka, Cassia, Mulberry are some of the trees that flourish in the forested ecosystem. The city has dense forests adjoining it which sustains many animal and plant species. Deers, Sambars, Barking Deers, Parrots, Woodpeckers and Peacocks dwell in the area’s protected forests. Chandigarh is known for its architectural beauty and excellent monuments.

Chandigarh surely attracts visitors from worldwide and is a home to beautiful architectural monuments. So the next time you are traveling to Chandigarh, make sure to visit all its nearby places, attractions and monuments. Chandigarh is worth visiting and one can visit the place any time of the year as per one’s choice and preference.

There are several places of interest in Chandigarh that are listed below:

Capitol Complex

As far as a monument in Chandigarh is concerned, Capitol Complex stands as the most magnificent work of Le Corbusier who was the well known architect of Chandigarh. Capitol Complex stands as a seat of the government of Punjab and Haryana. The Capitol Complex is set against the Shivalik Hills with three edifices – the Secretariat, the High Court and the Legislative Assembly.

The “Open Hand” Chandigarh’s Emblem

The Open Hand Chandigarh’s emblem stands as the significant monument that is constructed by Le Corbusier. A giant open hand is made up of metal which expresses the message of peace. The open hand expresses “open to give, open to receive”. This monument of Chandigarh is raised almost 85 feet above the ground level which is designed to show the direction of the wind. The surface of the hand is covered with baked enamel colored in orange, green and white – the tri colors of Indian flag. The monument resembles like a bird that slowly rotates on rusted bearings.

This monument is a large, open, metal hand pointing skyward. People say that the open hand represents the map of Haryana. Open Hand Monument in Chandigarh expresses the feeling of peace and harmony. It is also the official emblem of Chandigarh. The architectural design and beauty of this monument in Chandigarh is worth visiting.

Martyr's Memorial

Just right of the Assembly building is the Martyr’s Memorial – a monument which is created to honor the martyrs of the Punjab partition. Within the enclosure of the Martyr’s Memorial are the symbolic figures of a prone man, a snake, and a lion that is set amid the ruins.

Other stunning monuments in Chandigarh are listed below:

  • Tower of Shadows,
  • Geometric Hill
  • Martyr's Memorial